King’s Club Frequently Asked Questions

What time should we be there?

Lazy mornings during holidays are great but save them for week 2! Most children don’t want to miss the fun and games that we play before 9am. Our check-in desk opens at 8:30am and our program starts at 9am and finishes at 12:30pm.

This is so cool! But we’re newbies, what do we do?

First of all, pat yourself on the back and say, ‘well done!’ Great holiday choice! Your child will no doubt love it! When you arrive on Monday, things can feel a little overwhelming… don’t stress! After the first day you and your child will know exactly what to do.

We’ll walk you through the process, but in a nutshell when you arrive a Registration Pack will be waiting for you. This bag of goodies, has some pretty important stuff inside. So before you grab a cuppa and relax, there are a couple of things that you will need to do.

  1. Check all information on the form is correct and sign it. There is one form for each child.
  2. You will receive one bar code and one duplicate bar code for every child. If you have a smart phone take a photo of one of the bar codes for each child.
  3. If your child has any medical issues or items that need to be handed in to our First Aid Desk Volunteer, please go to the First Aid desk before check-in.
  4. Then get in the queue and sign your child/ren in. Each child has an individual bar code. (Please note: You will need this barcode to sign your child out at 12:30pm at the end of the program.

So here is the gist of it. KEEP YOUR CHILD’S BARCODES SAFE! We take the safety of the children in our care VERY seriously! If you lose your bar code or send someone to pick up your child without a barcode – this will take time for us to do our checks and balances. This involves time and effort on your part too. As a parent, you will need a photo ID and if you have sent someone else without your child’s barcode, they will also need photo ID and have to be preapproved on your registration form. We DO NOT compromise your child’s safety, so please remember your child’s barcodes and keep them safe.

My child wants to be on the same team as their friends, is this possible?

We want your child to enjoy their time with us as much as possible, this usually involves hanging out with their friends and being on the same team. We automatically place children from the same school in the same team. We don’t change children to different age categories, but are happy to change your child’s team. Please feel free to email us at If there happens to be a glitch in the system, we will get it sorted on day 1, please just let us know.
The age categories are grouped as follows:

  • Kindy & Preprimary
  • Year 1 & Year 2
  • Year 3 & Year 4
  • Year 5 & Year 6

There’s a packing list???

Yip! (No lunches and school bags)

This involves:

  • Child
  • Comfy casual clothes and sensible shoes – for child.
  • A jumper – we love nature and hold as many activities outside as we can.
  • Barcodes

Nobody likes it if your child is unhappy, so PLEASE leave their valuables at home, we don’t want them getting damaged or lost either.

How do I Sign-in and Sign-out my child?

Barcodes, Barcodes & BARCODES! We use barcodes to:

  1. Help maintain the effective safety of your child while in our care.
  2. Help speed up the process when signing your child in and out.
  3. Help ensure your child is being picked up by either you or an authorised person to do so.

Having your barcodes ready when signing your child in or out will help speed things up. In saying that there are sometimes delays, a little patience goes a looooong way and is much appreciated.

If you don’t have your child’s barcode there is no short cut. Please don’t stand in the main queues, there is a special desk designated for you to use. Photo ID will be required.

EEEK! The dog ate my child’s barcodes!!!!

It happens to the best of us! See one of our friendly Administrative Personal and we can organise a reprint of your barcodes, please have Photo ID ready.

Help! My child is a bit ‘clingy’ so I don’t feel comfortable leaving them.

We understand! Sometimes this happens and we want your child to feel happy and secure with us. So feel free to hangout with them until they are settled, especially if they are young. If you have to drop and go and your child doesn’t settle we will call you and let you know.

If you do decide to join in the fun, anytime past 9:30am that is fab. BUT you will need to register as a ‘Visitor’ at the Reception desk. Please also note you will be accompanied by a leader at all times until you deregister at the Reception desk. We trust that you understand that these precautions are necessary, you wouldn’t want unaccompanied strangers around your child either.

If you are staying in the café you do not need to register as a visitor.

Can I stay with my child?

Sure, we love having parents stick around at Kings Club! We have an amazing café with volunteer barista’s and people to serve you. Catch up with friends, stay for a chat, or just have a little ‘me’ time. And it’s all free!

We work hard to ensure we recruit enough leaders and volunteers to create a safe, well-supervised environment for your child and we welcome any parents keen to stay with their child. If you would like to stay with your child and join in the fun anytime past 9:30am that is fab. BUT you will need to register as a ‘Visitor’ at the Reception desk. Please also note you will be accompanied by leader at all times until you deregister at the Reception desk. We trust that you understand that these precautions are necessary, you wouldn’t want unaccompanied strangers around your child either.

Stay as long as you like, or drop your children off and run – it’s completely up to you!

Why do you only cater in a limited capacity for sibling Kindy and PrePrimaries?

Our program is primarily geared for Primary school aged children. We know that the younger siblings love to hang with the ‘big kids’. So we make their program age appropriate for them. However, because they are younger they require a high adult to child ratio and we only have space for so many. So we can only cater for the siblings of children already registered in the program and only for a certain number. So, it is ‘first in, best dressed’.

My child is sick OR can’t come today!

Our waiting lists are extensive and many children on the waiting list will come early every morning in the hope that there is a cancellation. The MOMENT you know your child can’t make it for the day, please let us know.
On another note, we have children who have compromised immunity’s. If your child is unwell, please DON’T send them, this kind of ‘sharing isn’t caring’.

Early pick up?

No problemo! But, and here is the ‘But’, please make a 15 minute allowance for early pick up, more if you are picking up multiple children. You may ask ‘why all the drama?’ We have to locate your child/ren from various locations within the premises and escort them back to reception (hopefully we can get them to come willingly), only then can we check them out.
Best thing to do is give us a call ahead of time (we don’t make any promises, but will try) to have your child ready and waiting. Please report and wait at the Reception desk for early pick up.

What if someone else needs to pick up my child?

If your child is to be collected by someone other than whom you’ve nominated, you can take a photo of your barcode with your smartphone and send it to whom you wish to give authority to collect your child. Please notify us before pick up time on 9448 7018 of this change to avoid delays in the sign out queue.

What do you do at Kings Club?

Kings Club is a fantastic morning filled with fun, games, interactive Bible teaching, singing, dancing, arts, crafts, recreational activities and of course a tasty morning tea! Let’s just say it is a busy, energy soaked and packed with great learning all morning. This all happens under the watchful eyes of well trained and coordinated 100+ volunteers.

What do you teach?

We are a ministry of North Beach Baptist Church (, which is a Christian church. Among many things we also teach from the Bible, mainly the Gospel ( . If you are keen for more info, take a look at our website, ( or if you would rather chat with someone about it, feel free to call one of the pastors.

Do you serve food?

Yes, we serve a yummy ‘scrumdilliuptious’ morning tea! This morning snack and water keeps the children recharged and hydrated for the rest of their busy morning.

What if my child has food allergies?

We do our utmost to be inclusive of all our children visiting King’s Club. If your child does have food allergies that we cannot cater for we will discuss this with you.

Who are your volunteers?

Let’s be blunt, these guys are amazing! We have an army of carefully selected, out of this world, dynamo volunteers. They primarily come from our North Beach Baptist Church community, but our ex-participants can’t help themselves and try and volunteer too (never too old for fun)!

But here is the important stuff. We adhere to a strict screening programme to ensure that all adults working with children have been cleared to do so. The screening process includes a National Police Clearance, Reference Checks Character checks and a current Working with Children Check card. We go well beyond what is legally required, as the children in our care are really important to us.

OH dear! What about first aid?

We give out buckets of TLC, but know there are times when a little more than TLC is necessary. You can rest easy, we always have a few trained First Aid volunteers on duty for the duration of King’s Club. Failing that, we will give you a call and ask how you would like us to proceed (unless of course it is an emergency!)

Please discuss any medical conditions, asthma puffers and Epipens noted on the registration form with our First Aid volunteer BEFORE signing in your child on your child’s first day at King’s Club. This goes a long way to mitigating any potential risks for your child.

We have to adhere to strict legal requirements regarding Epipens, puffers or medication. If you are unsure as to what this involves please feel free to contact us for clarification. Please note, we DO NOT keep spare Epipens or puffers on the premises.

What is the Friday Family Night and can I still come?

Your family and Kings Club child are invited to the fun Friday Family Night. We serve light refreshments from 5:30pm, the program starts at 6:15pm. Come and join the fun and see what your children have been doing all week.

If you forgot to let us know or your plans have changed and you would like to come along, this isn’t a problem. Please send an email to to let us know how many will be attending. This is a celebration that the children absolutely LOVE and is a fun evening for the whole family!